2 days                          4 dives                         $495

This class qualifies you to use enriched air nitrox mixes up to EAN100, within your current certification level, to a maximum depth of 40m/130ft during no decompression dives. This class can easily be combined with Decompression Procedures.

The class is for certified divers looking to progress into technical diving, or for certified nitrox divers who want to expand their understanding of using richer mixes of nitrox.

Course prerequisites:

Nitrox diver certification, with 25 logged open water dives, minimum age 18 (15 with parental consent)

What will I learn?

Over a minimum of 4 dives and several theory sessions you’ll cover

  • Physics and physiology relating to diving with gas mixes containing more than 40% oxygen
  • Gas planning, using dive tables, dive computers, also oxygen and nitrogen limitations
  • Equipment considerations, cylinder labeling, analyzing nitrox mixtures, gas blending procedures, and oxygen service ratings for using gases with more than 40% oxygen
  • Buoyancy control; ability to hover at fixed position in water column without moving hands or feet
  • Awareness of buddy and other team members through communication, proximity, and team oriented dive practices
  • Manage free flow from primary regulator in controlled fashion, shut down cycle, and switch to back up regulator