2 days                          4 dives                         $495

This class qualifies you to make staged decompression dives to a maximum depth of 45m/150ft. Combining this class with Advanced Nitrox, allows you to use nitrox to accelerate your decompression.

The class is ideal for advanced divers who want to move into technical diving or for divers looking to extend their bottom time

Course prerequisites:

Advanced diver certification, with 25 logged open water dives, minimum age 18

What will I learn?

Over a minimum of 4 dives and several theory sessions you’ll cover

  • Decompression dive planning
  • Decompression diving procedures – including predive checks and drills; following a decompression schedule; gas switching; SMB deployment
  • Proper trim, buoyancy and finning techniques
  • Emergency procedures e.g. equipment failures, catastrophic gas loss, omitted decompression
  • Equipment considerations
  • Analyzing nitrox mixtures, cylinder labeling, and gas blending procedures