1 day                          2 dives                         $295

This class certifies you to engage in DPV diving activities without direct supervision with the following limits:

  • Planned dives do not exceed diver’s current certification level
  • Safety and decompression stops are made as appropriate or necessary

This course is also great for certified technical divers looking to extend their range and take advantage of the benefits of utilizing a DPV on technical dives. The class familiarizes divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, and hazards of using DPV’s while technical diving.

Course prerequisites:

Open Water Diver with 25 dives, minimum age 18 (15 with parental consent)

What will I learn?

Over a minimum of 2 dives and a theory session you’ll cover

  • Motivations for DPV diving
  • Advantages of DPV use
  • Equipment considerations – DPV options, components, burn times, care and maintenance, rigging
  • Problem solving procedures – malfunction/failures, towing, gas sharing with DPV, entanglement, team separation, collision avoidance
  • Environmental considerations – appropriate/inappropriate dive locations, low impact DPV use
  • DPV diving techniques - buoyancy and trim with DPV, instigating directional and depth changes, DPV “parking”, DPV courtesy and etiquette
  • Dive planning and gas management - Turn time, turn distance, and turn pressure; gas mix(es) and NDL’s or decompression obligations