5 days                          7 dives                         $1500

This class certifies you to dive JJ CCR to a maximum depth of 100m/330ft, using mixed gas diluent appropriate to the dive plan.

This course is the highest level of JJ CCR training that TDI offers, and teaches you how to use the full capabilities of your CCR. This intensive course, designed for Mixed Gas JJ CCR divers who want to extend their depth limitations, is conducted over seven dives and focuses on all the elements needed to plan and execute dives to these depths.

Course prerequisites:

JJ CCR Mixed Gas Diluent diver with a minimum of 100 hours as a certified CCR diver over a minimum of 100 dives; a minimum of 50 hours and 50 dives must be on JJ CCR.

50% of these dives must be deeper than 30m/100 ft. All dives must be deeper than 9 m/20 ft. Minimum age 18

What will I learn?

Over a minimum of 7 dives and several theory sessions you’ll cover